Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 30
Relationship Single
Country United Kingdom
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Body type Average
Body size 5 feet 9 inches
Shoe size 7.5
Dominant yes
Switcher no
Cuckolding maybe
Sadistic maybe
Maso yes
Foot fetish maybe
Shoe fetish maybe
Human toilet no
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts maybe
Blackmail yes
Worn / used items maybe
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) yes
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
Financial domination mistress seeking paypigs and finsubs to get down on there knees and worship me.

My Golden Rules

1) My Finsubs/Finslaves/Paypigs should know that their place is on their knees in front of me and must always refer to me as Mistress. I am your superior in every way. I am your Princess and you are my pet. Any failure to do so will result in punishment.

2) You have to be respectful of your mistress at all times. I will not tolerate rudeness/back talk/tardiness. You will only get one second chance after that I will cut all ties with you.

3) You have to be able to spend money/spend time on your Mistress: I am not interested in cheap, lazy, broke or wannabe submissives. I expect to receive compensation for giving up my precious time talking to such pathetic men

4) You will always ask for permission to cum. I will control all of your orgasm and will decide if you deserve to cum. I will decide when and where. This is dependent on whether or not you have pleased me with your donations and if you have behaved like a good sub.

5)Your main goal is to keep your mistress. I expect you to please your mistress at any time. To follow all expectations. To keep an eye on my wishlists, to complete any humiliating task request and send me the appropriate proof

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What I like:

Humiliating subs

What I don't like:

Scat/Blood play
Needle play

I'm interested in:

Looking to find willing submissives to submit and serve me

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