Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 2020
Relationship Single
Country Australia
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Brown
Body type Average
Body size 5 feet 5 inches
Shoe size 4
Dominant yes
Switcher no
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic yes
Maso No info
Foot fetish yes
Shoe fetish yes
Human toilet no
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts maybe
Blackmail no
Worn / used items maybe
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) no
Chastity enslavement maybe
About me
Pure, sweet and cute o: I am just a bunneh gurl that only desires to chat, hop around and tease boys for fun :3 I also have kik so ask and I might add you~

I recently discovered Financial Domination with my pathetic bitch cuck when he first discovered me and enlightened me with his pitiful fetish. He spoiled me rotten and is debt now and now I am hooked with the fetish myself.

Otherwise I am a polite and kind-hearted girl, I just always enjoyed teasing guys as it's in my nature to do so.
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What I like:

I love hearing the desperation in a man's voice for permission to cum, begging to lose more to me, pleading with me to degrade them some more.

I pretty much will tease my cuck bitch's with my feet and voice and possibly more like my chunky ass~

What I don't like:

I don't tolerate extortion of any kind as you can get nudes for free from Google (Only idiots extort girls), and I think that's it for now~ Let's just chat and see where it goes babe.

I'm interested in:

Looking for all sorts of furniture lately such as a seat, heater, cooler and bed.

My Seat: Either your face or your lap must provide extra features such as ass rubbing, ass heating, reclining mode, massage feature if I rub against you hard enough and lastly must be portable outside so it includes public places too o: is that too much to ask? ALSO~ must run your hand over my stomach if I happen to be eating whilst sitting on you :3 to help me digest it~

My Heater: Must allow me to grab at your crotch for warmth as my hands always seem to be frozen o: will get my feet involved if you like tootsies.

My Cooler: Either must be rich enough to afford duct air conditioning or use your tongue to cool down my heated body parts.

My Bed: Basically wedged in between your legs with your chest acting as my pillow and all my soft bits molded into your hard firm body o: including my tits and phat pussy. You will have to take two handfuls of my ass cheeks to keep them safe because I want to be comforted if I get nightmares.

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