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Extremely horny, ready to give me everything and absolutely obedient to follow my jerk off instruction. That's exactly how I wanna see you in front of your screen. My sexy body in a skin-tight shiny body ... your ultimate brainfuck. Your cock is already throbbing into your pants... follow my instruction, while I manipulate you into my pervert edging loser.

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Jerk off instructions, Latex, Tit worship,

If you type in “pathetic” in Wikipedia your name should be suggested by this site. Look at you crawling right in front of your screen submitting yourself to me and spending every cent you have just to make me laugh at you. You are such a sad excuse for a man that you even make space for alphas and real men next to me. You also pay for my dates! How sick is that? But I tell you what: I’m okay with that. I’m okay having you little pervert drooling on your knees and watching me on your screen since it’s the only way to take part of my life. You are nothing but a human atm to me.

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Pantyhose, Nylons, Foot fetish,

You are a broke loser, just because of me and your addiction to me! Nothing in life has a meaning for you anymore, nothing makes you feel happy, nothing turns you on anymore. Your life is pathetic and boring. Your wife / girlfriend left with the kids because you were a loser who couldn't satisfy her. You are not able to do something for yourself other than sitting in your shabby apartment, scrolling through all my different websites and buying one clip after another. You do everything to have this little kick, to feel useful, to give the urge of paying in. This feeling is the best feeling in the world for you, even if that means that you are broke from the beginning of each month. Today you will have this kick even when I ignore you! Indulge yourself with this clip and feel good for the next few minutes before you go back to your pathetic loneliness!

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, FinDom, MoneyDom, Foot Goddess, ignorance, Thights

Pantyhose, Foot fetish, Nylons,

Like I mentioned on my website, I was in Hamburg (Germany) to meat my little sissy cunt. As you know, I don't need a reason to beat someone ass as hard as I can. She is kneeling in front of my like a good slut who is ready to get spanked. In this clip I will use different whips which will left behind bad marks for the next couple of days.

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, FinDom, MoneyDom, Foot Goddess,Spanking, Pain, Sissy, Sissy Lindsey

sissification, Pain, Femdom,

My feet are your biggest fetish! My bare feet are the most addictive high for you! This clip will give you the kick which you need so much! The urge of jerking ur little thing while watching my feet drives you crazy! Go onto your knees and be thankful of the opportunity to tribute your goddess by paying for this clip and start worshipping my beautiful toes and soles.

Mistress Isabella, FinDom, FemDom, Foot. Feet, Foot Goddess, Foot Worship, Addiction

Footworship, Barefoot, Femdom,

Best thing according to freaks like you is the fact that you are so addicted that it's so damn easy to manupilate and reprogram your subconscious. I decided to make you act more like a real atm. But we will skip the part with the card and authorization and make it really simple: I will train you to open your wallet and empty it right in front of me whenever I snap my fingers *snap*! That's right: Whenever you hear a *snap* you will instantly bow the fuck down to my feet and vie me everything you got. It doesn't matter if there are $ 100, $ 500 or even $ 5,000 in your pocket because all you do is performing what you have been told like that little slut you are. Don't think you get away with my money because I'm not in your presence! Of course you will lose your money in that case too. Listen and obey to my commands. I expect full attention and thankfull pampering and spoiling as I got used to.

Mistress Isabella, Brainfuck, Paybitch, Payslave, FinDom, Human ATM,

Findom, Femdom, Brainfuck,

Your biggest dream has come true – you are able to see me in lingerie. Worship your hot goddess while she tease you to the fullest. Wearing such sexy lingerie for my boyfriend who enjoys our sex is something that no women will ever do for a pathetic loser like you. Seeing me like this drives your nuts, worshipping me by paying for this clip is more than you will ever get so be a good boy and watch this clip!

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, FinDom, MoneyDom, Foot Goddess, Foot Worship, FemDom, JOI, Bare Feet

Tit worship, Tease and Denial, Jerk off instructions,

For a whole year you didn't had a pussy – just because of our chastity agreement which you signed in one of your week moments.
Jerking your little thing is only allowed under my supervision – since we both know that you wouldn't be able to jerk this little thing without my allowance – this rule isn't very hard for you...
After so many clips of mine, you're an addicted little pervert which is conditioned on my charms. My perfect tits, my hot body as well as my sweaty soles drive you out of your mind while I take advantage of it and let you sign one chastity agreement after another. So watch this clip and be ready to get so weak that your are more than thrilled to sign another year without pussy for me!

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, FinDom, MoneyDom, Foot Goddess, chastity, denial, agreement, english

Chastity, Tease and Denial, Femdom,

What a shitty situation for you - I mean, who could know that I am the nanny of your kiddies as well as your Femdom and Findom? I unmask losers like you always and everywhere, and that already for years! The behavior of slaves has always the same pattern, the same furtive look to my toes and beautiful feet, when I wear these super sexy high heels. The funniest is, that you always disappear in the bathroom for more or less 20 minutes and that i talk to your wife while you jerk your little thing, thinking about my feet. You have no idea how that makes me smile! If you don't want that I tell your wife about us and your fetishes you should do whatever I expect from you! I will drain your bank account empty while you kneel next to my feet, licking my soles in public will be a pleasure for you... we both know that you would prefer a public session as long as your wife doesn't find out how pathetic you are.

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, Foot Slave, Feet, Foot Fetish, Sexy Feet, Blackmail, Homewrecking, Foot Cunt

Homewrecking, Brainfuck, Blackmail,

I know you can't resist your desire to be at my feet. We both know that it’s so fucking humiliating being ignored by a hot, young brat like me. But hey, ur a disgusting loser, a little pervert and a foot freak. And you can just sit there and jerk off while I talk to my girlfriends. Because we both know how much you love it when I talk about you and how pathetic your are. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to text withy my girls and completely ignore you. I’m going to put my feet right up into your face and maybe, if you’re really lucky, i might let you lick them clean. I know you’d love that...

Barefoot, Barefoot Fetish, Brat Girls, Brat Worship, Femdom, Femdom Brat, Findom, Foot Domination,

Barefoot, Toes, Findom,

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