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…. but you pay anyway. I know what I have to do ,to see you right in front of me, on your knees, whining how bad the urge to pay is this time. I am all you ever wanted, all of that perfection that your big fat wife or girlfriend hasn't. I know that you would do anything to feel or touch my perfect body, to smell the perfect scent between my toes or being close to my perfect big tits. We both know that none of that will ever happen since I don't see you as a real man. I only use you for your ca$h- ans since that is better than nothing you are willing to give it all to me. So come closer and watch your goddess humiliate you without even a word...

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, Humiliation, Mind Fuck

Moneyslavery, Findom, Femdom,

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