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Best thing according to freaks like you is the fact that you are so addicted that it's so damn easy to manupilate and reprogram your subconscious. I decided to make you act more like a real atm. But we will skip the part with the card and authorization and make it really simple: I will train you to open your wallet and empty it right in front of me whenever I snap my fingers *snap*! That's right: Whenever you hear a *snap* you will instantly bow the fuck down to my feet and vie me everything you got. It doesn't matter if there are $ 100, $ 500 or even $ 5,000 in your pocket because all you do is performing what you have been told like that little slut you are. Don't think you get away with my money because I'm not in your presence! Of course you will lose your money in that case too. Listen and obey to my commands. I expect full attention and thankfull pampering and spoiling as I got used to.

Mistress Isabella, Brainfuck, Paybitch, Payslave, FinDom, Human ATM,

Findom, Femdom, Brainfuck,

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