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Thinking about that one gray and rainy day, where I told you that I was leaving you has probably become a traumatic memory for you. I wouldn't be surprised if you have seen a psychologist for that! I know that I was the love of your life. In fact, I still am. After the break up you were willed to do whatever it took to keep up the contact between us, to be still part of my fantastic life...
Since that day you are my slave. You are grateful to be able to clean my boyfriends apartment, to do our shopping trips and serve us to the fullest. Giving me your hard earn cash twice per month, right after receiving you paychecks makes you hard!
Yes, I have managed to freeze and manipulate your love, to put you in a condition that only brings benefits to me, but makes it impossible for you to leave. You only exist for a feeling of love but you won't reach it again. This is my psychological masterpiece....

FemDom, Manipulatrix, Brainfuck, Ex, Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, Slave, Cuckold, Cuckolding

Slave training, Cuckold, Brainfuck,

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