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I have tested my new design on the ceiling. There I have fixed my slave with chains and ropes on his arms. So he can not leave. I take advantage of this and kicks him with my knee as hard as I can between his legs. Then I kick him continue with my outstretched leg between his legs. From the front and from behind. You can see flying his cock and balls to the highly disputed to the belly. I laugh at him as he collapses in pain. But he can not go to the ground, because he is so firmly fixed. I kick repeatedly alternately with the left shortly afterwards with the right knee. I do it with all her strength and with my extended legs, too. Also I torture my slave with flicking to his cock and balls. Then I bound his cock and balls and pull on it so the pain is hard worse of flicking and stinging my fingernails. I like to humiliate him for my pleasure.

ballbusting, eier, schwanz. ball, cock, femdom, female domination, torture, tortur, brutal, cbt, pain, schmerz, folter

Cock and Ball Torture, Humiliation, Femdom,

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