Princess Kate
Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 2
Relationship Normal Relationship
Country Austria
City Austria
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Body type Athletic
Body size 5 feet 7 inches
Shoe size 8.5
Dominant yes
Switcher no
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic yes
Maso no
Foot fetish yes
Shoe fetish yes
Human toilet maybe
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts yes
Blackmail yes
Worn / used items yes
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) maybe
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
What should you know about me?
Or rather what do allow to let a worhless creature like you to know about me.

First thing you already noticed my hot and perfect, little Princess body and my beautyful face.
Of course a perfect Goddess walking on this earth like me gets what she wants.
You heard right.
I get what i want.

You have seen me and you couldnt stop to look at me and you did it you clicked on my side.
Like many males before you will be addicted and you cant run away from it.
You only wanted to take a quick look, huh?
Hahaha, too late, you will be the next hopelessly addicted to me.
If you dont feed your addiction you will be lost.
There is not getting out of it, you cant live without me anymore.

You will need me like the air to breath.
Your world will be consisting only about me. Day n Night.
You will work hard for me and only for me.
A wet dream come true for you, right? haha
You couldnt have found someone better then me.

Of course not everyone can have the bliss of serving me.
Iam a busy, luxurious Lady and i only want the best so you should give your best at every minute of the day if you want/are allowed to serve me.

My Amazon Wishlist and sending Giftcard / Codes will be your new hobby.

As a treat you will get more and more of my brainfucking Clips and let the addiction grow.

As a thank you you will use the Tribute Button.
A thank you to be allowed that a worthless thing like you can watch my clips and worship me.

Use the rare opportunity to catch me when im in the live chat.

Daily Reports up to moneyslavery chat, all is possible.
I will add new themed Chats from time to time.

What could have happend better to you then having the chance to getting into contact with a woman you never could have. Me and even being a (more or less) important part in my life.

I will give your pathetic life all what its missing.
A reason that is worth living for.

Your money belongs into my hands if you dont think like that you are not worth to even look at me or worship me.
Go back into your pit, black, loser hole and never come back.

You are worthless for the whole world and most importantly me.

Are you ready to let yourself fall and give everything?
Good, i thought so.
Then what you are waiting for?
When that addiction starts there is no going back.
But why would you even want to go back. hahaha

Read more about me
What I like:


While you sit at home i will travel the most beautyfull and exotic travel destinations all on your money.
While im away i want you to get your ass up and work harder for me.
For the Princess only the best.
How it should be.


Even your Princess has a addiction and you will feed it.
Its called Designer Brands.
Im not going to spend my money for it. No.
Thats your job.
Much more fun bringing your creditcards into the redzone.
Maybe i even allow you to watch me while i shop..,maybe.


Pay till it hurts.
The Tribute Button will be your new best friend.
Amazon Gift Codes/Cards and Wishlist Shopping your new hobby.

For your Goddess it never will be enough and you know it.
Be a good pig and rank up over time.
Dont be just one of thousands.

Obediance :

A Must

Cock and Ball Torture:

I have a little sadist in me i love to let him out on you again and again.
CBT will also be used as form of a punishment if you dissapoint me.


Loser dont deserve anythingelse.
Be happy if i even talk with you.

Amuse me:

Humiliate yourself for my amusement, make me smile.
Here and ther i may come up with some fun, humiliating tasks for you or other stuff that fun for ME.
Do Them and be happy that you can be the one amusing me and getting a smile on my beautyful face.

What I don't like:

Cheap Losers

I'm interested in:


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