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Ohh didnt you pay attention when you gave me all the informations?
The words were just falling out your mouth.
Even humiliating material that proves how pathetic you are you sended with it.
I have you now in my beautyful hands and when i feel like it i will crush you more and more.
Of course you are the one who is going to pay from now on for my shoppingtrips.
If not, well whats then?
This is where your personal, little brainfuck starts.
So many informations, your parents, your chef or just your wife...
Well better i will inform them how you are not taking care of my important needs and want.
How much you owe me...
Or should i just give them the bill for the last time lingerie shopping?
Still you dont get your ass up?
Well then its time to let them hear and see who you really are.
What a pathetic little worm.
I told you from the beginning blackmail isnt just fun.
Its dangerous and i do it the hard and painful way blackmailbitch.
No mercy for you.


Blackmail, Moneyslavery, Brainfuck,

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