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I sexy, slightly see through top that shows a perfect cleavage and slightly shiny, super tight leatherpants showing off my
ass from its most delicous side.
Outfit on point, make up on fleek, my look says everything.
I know exactly what i can do with you and your body.
I know how easy it easy to get you under my spell.
When it hits you, it will be already to late.
A spell that wont let you go anymore.
Im your 24h priority.
The central point of your life and it wont change anymore.
It only will get worse.
Well i warned, but i also know you and this means you still take that risk.
You will do exactly what i warned you about.
You want it like that, dont you?
Stare at my perfect leather ass and those delicous boobs bouncing in front of your face.
Listen to my sweet verbal abuse.
At the end everything will be how i said, how i want it even i warned you.
I know it doesnt makes a difference you are too weak anyway as you could say no to me and seductive teasing.


Brainfuck, Ass worship, Tit worship,

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