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Hmm a wife is expensive you know that already, right?
Still you cant leave that ugly bitch.
She is not only wasting money she even takes us precious time.
Time you should take to serve me and not to be with your bitch.
You beg and cry in front of me so i would accept it, so pathetic...
I really dont get it why you want that useless hag still in your life, but...
I though about something that will make her acceptable for me.
Your bitch will be even more expensive from now on.
Lets see if she really is that important to you and how long you can afford this.
Do you want to keep your wifey bitch?
Thank go, go get this clip und follow my instructions.


Homewrecking, Moneyslavery, Brainfuck,

I can see it those perfect shiny feet and those heels dangerously dangling make your dick hard.
There is nothing more mesmerizing, sexy and seductive then you beneath me and my beautyful soles.
It arouses you seeing those heels dangerously dangling only on my big toe.
You feel truly devotet down there, your cock hard, mesmerized, lusting, aching you truly are in your dreamworld right now.
All you want and need are MY feet.
I know you cant resist with that drooling cock and those dangling heels.
You need to have this, you must buy this now.
You are a foot addict and truly a foot bitch for me.


Footworship, Foot fetish, High heels,

You never can be 100% sure how long i give you filthy dog the privileg of wanking your loserstick.
So you better take advantage of every permission i give you.
Treat yourself one of the hottest joi instructions ever atleast one thing you can be excited about
in your loser life.
Wank, wank, wank till that dick burns and till its planted into your brain that you gonna jerk tha dick only for me
and every little drop you spill out belongs to me.
No one can give you a hotter session then i do everytime again.
Its getting hotter and hotter and better and better.
Where this chronicle jerking habbit on the other side will lead you only i know.
All the thinking you leave better by me anyway.
You better concentrate only on my instructions and turn your brain off.
I know what best for you.


Jerk off instructions,

You found exactly what you need a proper introduction into chastity and why you want and need it.
Your gorgeous Goddess Kate will lead into the right way.
Where only true submission counts.
You will learn what true sacraficing for your God is and there doesnt need to be
a pathetic dick included.
Just move along with my sensual teasing and see for yourself if being locked up in a cage isnt what you really need.


Chastity, Brainfuck, Tease and Denial,

A sexy jerk off instruction including a cum permission.
On the other hand you ofcourse gonna have to do something for me.
And today i want some amusement.
How this best gonna works?
Well i want to make you a sperm hungry little, filthy whore.
So you gonna shoot that load right into your mouth and then keep on following my instructions whatelse you gonna have to do.
I want to see a really dirty, filthy sperm hungry bitch and who is better fitting for this then YOU?
Cock in your hand and wank, wank, wank, the highlight in this session to day gonna be you and a mouthfull of cum.
Be excited for non stop extreme teasing, my extra dominating instructions and a smile on my lips.
Ready for really dirty fun?

cei,cumeatinginstruction,ekel,ekeltraining,spermaschlampe,spermahure,femdom,findom,Princess Kate, Prinzessin Kate,

Cum eating instructions, Jerk off instructions, Femdom,

Eat it, Eat it, Eat it,...

cum eating instractions, cei,

Cum eating instructions, Femdom,

You gonna beat your meat for my Pussy today.
You cock already hard looking at you gorgeous Goddess.
It will literally eplode when you finally reconice that that pussy isnt covered by any Pantys at all.
I tease you and denie you with my pussy.
I even let you jerk for me and the forbidden fruit even you know that all you gonna do your whole fucking loser life.
With your eyes staring at my perfect body you mindlessly follow every command and instructions.
You need this pussy teasing, you know that pussy will be forever only a dream off yours.
This Pussy leads you more into sweet submission.
Shake that useless stick between your legs while my cruel teasing.
You are obsessed with pussy, with my pussy you dont need more then me.


Tease and Denial, Jerk off instructions, Brainfuck,

Have you really though you will get close with that pencil dick to me.
You cant fool ME.
Look at your non exsistent bulge in your pants.
I know you are so horny right now but i cant even see it. haha
With this pathetic clitty you will never have sex or even get close to it.
I bet you masturbate like girls do. haha Rubbing the littly clitty.
Still even for little pencil dicks like you i have a place where you can be useful.
You will be a servnant for me and my alpha.
Thank to give you and your clitty finally purpose.



With your introduction mail you sended me all the needed informations.
Did you wanted that?
Or was it just a mistake?
Just a little google here and google there and now you are fucked.
You sait to me you want to have fun with me.
I take you by the word and we gonna have fun. Promise.
My kind of fun.


Blackmail, Femdom, Brainfuck,

You have a big weakness for my Ass even more when its covered in tight shiny fabric. Kneel down in front of my while i let you worship my jucy booty. No stroking allowed you will watch this and behave like a good worshipper. I tease and torment you with it, waving my ass in front off your face back and forth, squezzing it and even pulling those tight shiny pants down and torment you with my delicous ass crack. When im finished with you you will be begging for more like a good bottom bitch.

shiny fetish, shiny, ass worship,teaseanddenial,

Tease and Denial, Ass worship,

I sexy, slightly see through top that shows a perfect cleavage and slightly shiny, super tight leatherpants showing off my
ass from its most delicous side.
Outfit on point, make up on fleek, my look says everything.
I know exactly what i can do with you and your body.
I know how easy it easy to get you under my spell.
When it hits you, it will be already to late.
A spell that wont let you go anymore.
Im your 24h priority.
The central point of your life and it wont change anymore.
It only will get worse.
Well i warned, but i also know you and this means you still take that risk.
You will do exactly what i warned you about.
You want it like that, dont you?
Stare at my perfect leather ass and those delicous boobs bouncing in front of your face.
Listen to my sweet verbal abuse.
At the end everything will be how i said, how i want it even i warned you.
I know it doesnt makes a difference you are too weak anyway as you could say no to me and seductive teasing.


Brainfuck, Ass worship, Tit worship,

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