Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 29
Relationship Single
Country United States
City Pennsylvania
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Mixed
Body type Average
Body size 5 feet 9 inches
Shoe size 9.5
Dominant yes
Switcher yes
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic maybe
Maso no
Foot fetish maybe
Shoe fetish maybe
Human toilet no
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts yes
Blackmail maybe
Worn / used items maybe
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) maybe
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
Yes. I am That Remanent. YES, I did the thing's I did. but for a good cause. Please understand it is SOLVED. People know me, and the truth now. Please understand it is not right to assume, or auto kick me from something you think I do not belong in. I Have confidence, I am strong, I am sexy. I refuse to violate any site rules. I refuse to have a past that is no longer me. and mine. IF I accidentally violate something an did not pay too much attention to the re-copy of this from my fetlife? PLEASE TELL ME. I get it. some of you don't get me, at all. some of you subs think I am easy. not the case at all. Follow the site's TOS, And we'll get a long. I am OLDER and WISER. some of the things I did back then was when I was EIGHT-TEEN.

I refuse to be made a mockery of any-more. I want to move forward, and the only reason this is up is that I KNOW Some-one is going to try and ban me without it. I am OFFICIALLY WISE ENOUGH to see when people are trying to scam me. Please understand, I am dotting my I 's and crossing my T's before updating all of the profiles. I am VERY Defensive and within good reason.

please understand I am cappable of doing this as much as you all are, I do not wish to be harassed about any past issues-anymore. Fin-Subs? Financial Domination is FINANCIAL DOMINATION. if you approach me in DM's ,, understand you will be prepared to serve, and pay me.

I reserve my right to my photo's. my photos are not allowed outside of this site, for any drama purpose what so ever, or company use. Please respect me, and I will you.
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What I like:

Shopping, Getting Spoiled, You're Money, Diamonds, Shoes, Clothes, hair styling, art , history, nice things,

What I don't like:

Ego subs, time wasters, bossy people, subs that do not pay when they have been asked, subs that treat me with disrespect and assume I am new. Twitter fights being mentioned. Domme's thinking that I am the same person I was when I was a Teenager. People bringing up the drama and not reading my profile. People being completely TOXIC and hurting me just to try. NOT getting respect from my Finsubs. let me be me, and I'll let you be you. TELL ME WITH CONTEXT if you don't like me, and I'll leave you alone. there is a block button after all.

I'm interested in:

Feet worship
Cash meets( in my area .)
Shopping trips.( please note I background check you if I feel you are lieing.)
Latex, leather, heel subs.

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