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No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 30
Relationship Cuckold Relationship
Country United States
City Ohio
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Body type Bbw
Body size 5 feet 7 inches
Shoe size 8.5
Dominant yes
Switcher no
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic yes
Maso maybe
Foot fetish yes
Shoe fetish yes
Human toilet maybe
Cash and go maybe
Slave contracts yes
Blackmail yes
Worn / used items yes
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) yes
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
Hello my lovely pets! My name is Miss Sarah and I am here to find my willing victims. I have been an amateur Domme for six years, mostly focusing on impact play, sissification, worship, and humiliation. I love being cruel to consenting pleebs and then confusing them with praise. Power is the name of the game so I'm a fan of always keeping you in your toes...or a rack.
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What I like:

-pussy worship

What I don't like:


I'm interested in:

Currently I am looking for a sissy with expendable income. I wish to be able to Skype you and order you to do painful and humiliating things to yourself for my enjoyment. I eventually do want to meet I'm person for a playdate. I want you to willingly give me your it paying my bills or making you send me gifts, I want to know that my happiness and comfort means more to you than your own.
I am NOT looking for subs that will allow themselves to be financially ruined by me. I don't want access to your bank account, I don't want you cashing out your 401k, and I certainly do not want you scrambling to pay your bills. Homeless subs are a drag and no use to me because once you are my sub, I am responsible for you and I don't want your needy ass living in my basement. Lol So if you are ready to meet the most wonderful Goddess, send me a message, or better yet offer me tithes and I will carefully weigh if you are the right pet for me.

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