CashQueen Lovely
Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 2019
Relationship Normal Relationship
Country Germany
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Body type Athletic
Body size 5 feet 9 inches
Shoe size 8
Dominant yes
Switcher no
Cuckolding maybe
Sadistic No info
Maso maybe
Foot fetish yes
Shoe fetish yes
Human toilet no
Cash and go maybe
Slave contracts maybe
Blackmail maybe
Worn / used items yes
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) maybe
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
Eloquent, eccentric and only interested in you as a source of money
Cheap videos you'll NOT find here !!
Why should they be cheap ? !!!!
The definition M-O-N-E-Y-D-O-M fits to Me excellent !!!
That is ME !!!!
I'm not a dominatrix in the classical sense !!!

But as already mentioned, I am a MONEYDOM !!!

"Your" Money migrates every month on My account!
♥ I basically spend just ONLINE-time with you because you PAY !!
♥ Why should I else do this ??!!!
♥ you buy constantly BRAINFUCKING Loser Porn clips from ME
and give gifts to Me properly ...

§§ Yes ... and ??!!! Want a medal for that? !!
Exactly That really is a standard treatment for a beauty like ME,
So NOTHING particularly §§

But what you get as a reward?

!!! To be able to pay to Me and I thus put a beaming smile in the face,THAT is probably adequate
Return !!!
you do not deserve the slightest of ME !!

you'll NEVER touch Me in any way !!!
Neither mentally nor physically, you do not dare !!!

♥ I have a beautiful condo, 2 cars and still I want much MORE !!

Reale meeting:
Only Cash & Go
Shopping Piggy

Here, of course, there is NO consideration from my part to expect !!

♥ And ... you think probably not really, it would be so easy to get My time REAL !!
I am mainly interested in ONLINE-slaves who have to prove themselves continuously and repeatedly.
Such a privilege to experience real meetings, will have to work hard for,
I'm not crazy, and meet Me with a total stranger for example, 300 Euros !!
!! Real meetings mean enormous confidence My part, which also is not being made at irregular payments or "high"
Once payments, even at 4-digit amounts not!
Especially not STUPID drivel !!!!

!! Particular should ALWAYS remain particularly !!
♥ you as a person ... God forbid ...

As "man" have I -0.0000% interest in you,
do not make yourself even more ridicolous!!!

♥ I have great pleasure to make your will BRAINFUCKED and create Me a personal cash dispenser!
♥ I use you as I want to have it best for ME !!
Again and anytime!

♥ Yo will have to enjoy about your FINANCIALL Use for ME !!
♥ you still think you have only a submissive, horny paying-phase, which is only a matter of time ?!
Hahaa !!!! Forget it you loser !!!
NEVER will be the case :D!
How stupid are you? !!!! HAHAAAAAH !!

$ I work, try to imagine :D
$ Why? !! BECAUSE I NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CASH for ME !! REASON !! I am a bottomless pit!
And now a clear message for you Pay-Cocks:
I have neither the time nor the patience nor the ambition, beeing 6, 8, 12, 16 hours or even all night online to be available for you Loser !!
I appear ONLINE if I got not to do BETTER THINGS, I am bored and want to laugh !!
I have no "ONLINE-TIME" ... NO NEED for that, it would be even nicer if I'd make my day for you figure sluts ... not in a Million years BITCH !!

§§ you wish so much getting my attention? !!!!
Then let $$$$$$$$ speak !!!

Read more about me
What I like:

♥ your motto should be attention to ANY price! ♥

♥ your brain will be fucked into pieces, you'll beg Me!

♥ The words demands and expectations you can remove it from your vocabulary completely !!

♥ Only paying obsessive, submissive, faithful and absolutely unquestioning piggy are tolerated by Me!

♥ Definition money for slaves of all kinds:

$ What is money?

Money means that I can afford me much without flinching, fully at your expense.
No matter what it is: house, cars, vacations, etc. ...

$ I see money only as money if the amount is at least three digits !!!

$ Money I Love in motley shape:

$ Cash letters

$ Amazon vouchers (via mail, chat also like to welcome!)

$ Paypal

$ Tribute

♥♥ slaves have been equipped genetically for that reason ♥♥

♥ Of course you will do EVERYTHING
whether I'm online or not, does not play any role, nasty Pay-Bitch !!

That is a stupid excuse of you which does not count a piece of shit !!

What I don't like:

! Liar !!!!
! Shut up your freaking Pay-Bitch-Moutch, I only make rules here !!
Discussing is for your Bitch at home !!
! Braggarts
! Pay-Fails
! Discourtesy (this includes Welcome and goodbye, silly PAY-BITCH !!) / impatience
! Pseudo-slaves ... retch !!! Dumber than the police allowed it! How stupid it is, do not have these tendencies, however and waste MY luxurious time??

I'm interested in:

♥ Pay-Cocks that extend continuously MY prosperity !!

$ Money Fetish
$ Account-Fuck (Send Me EC card + pin !!!)
$ Paypal
$ Amazon Gift Card (chatting or send it straight to the PN !!)
$ Chastity (keys you'll Send me!)
$ Hooker training
$ Feminization
$ Financial exploitation / Wrecking
$ Cash letters
$ Laughing at
$ Ignore
$ Brain-Fuck
$ Humble
$ Tribute
$ Alcohol bottling
$ Video sluts ( you will buy ANY video! )
$ Worn things for selling (socks, nylons, shoes,slips)
$ Cam
$ Various slave-jobs (Write a flashy application to convince me of your qualities)

$ All gifts will be sent to a packing station !!!

My private address does not interest you a fucking shit !!!!!

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