Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 2019
Relationship Not interesting to you
Country United States
City Az
Hair color Different
Eye color Blue
Body type Bbw
Body size 5 feet 6 inches
Shoe size 10
Dominant yes
Switcher yes
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic yes
Maso No info
Foot fetish yes
Shoe fetish yes
Human toilet No info
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts yes
Blackmail yes
Worn / used items yes
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) yes
Chastity enslavement No info
About me
I'm your darkest fantasy and at the same time the only thing you can't do without I'm a kind goddess yet if you disobey me the punishment can be steep save me now and serve me well and we'll all get along disobey me and the pain and suffering and drain on your wall it will be intense don't dare message me without a tribute in hand tribute comes before message if not you'll be ignored like the others
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What I like:

I love Victoria's Secret body sprays sparkly jewelry sparkly shoes weed lingerie concerts shopping spending your cash torturing you the torturings optional depends on your behavior

What I don't like:

I hate it when slaves ask for things and don't tribute first know your place no my place my place is always above yours and you will treat me as such and a goddess and a queen and should not be subject to living in such meager conditions you pay me I treat you well

I'm interested in:

I'm interested indraining your wallet not to the point that you can't survive I will allow you to live but just barely everything else should come to me and I should be totally and utterly comfortable while you have just enough to get by sounds kind of mean huh why should you be obeying me and behaving appropriately you won't be left in such destitute disobey me and pissed me off and you will be left penniless and broke and your balls hurt I tend to specialize sadistic torture I am also a very kind mistress and a very kind goddess so long as you obey me

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