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No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 29
Relationship Very special
Country Germany
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Body type No info
Body size 5 feet 6 inches
Shoe size 8
Dominant No info
Switcher No info
Cuckolding No info
Sadistic No info
Maso No info
Foot fetish No info
Shoe fetish No info
Human toilet No info
Cash and go No info
Slave contracts No info
Blackmail No info
Worn / used items No info
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) No info
Chastity enslavement No info
About me
 I dominate because it's poetic and spiritual to me, I am a Goddess and it comes natural to me to rule and tower over any  mundane individual. I am often called the Alpha female by those who are acquainted to me.
I pick my subs carefully and after much deliberation.
I have a full life so my time is precious I limit my time for 3 subs at the time and now I have broken the bond with one of them because  he tried to switch up the roles by becoming manipulative, trying to be smarter than me.  Now he is crying and I can't even accept his money or gifts. Once it's done it's done I do not look back.
I am stern , strict , severe when you push me! 
I am accustomed to a certain lifestyle.
my passion is Art in all it's form and I treat everything  I do as if I were painting a picture , writing a book or composing a song.
I will consider your proposition once I get cam verified. 
I am fair and will not get ahead of myself if everything isn't in order, I do not want my integrity ever to be questioned.

Worship me,
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What I like:

Good eyebrows.
Great Wine
Amazing Steak

What I don't like:

You will find out soon Enough! I don't Play Games

I'm interested in:

Ask me

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