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No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 24
Relationship Single
Country United Kingdom
City Wednesbury
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Mixed
Body type Bbw
Body size 5 feet 8 inches
Shoe size 8
Dominant yes
Switcher no
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic yes
Maso no
Foot fetish no
Shoe fetish no
Human toilet no
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts yes
Blackmail yes
Worn / used items no
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) yes
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
Been a findom for around 4 years now. Nothing more liberating than spending someone else's money. Although i am worth it. You work and then treat me. Not that i shouls tell you where your money goes. But most of the time its on nails. Clothing. Underwear and shoes. Now be a goody piggy and pay the fuck up
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What I like:

Money. Clothes. Makeup. Money.

What I don't like:

Fake finsubs.

I'm interested in:

Im looking for finsubs to worship the ground i walk on. Someone who likes a plus size dominant lady.. but DO NOT waste my time!

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