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Currently no Mistress
Gender Male
Age 2019
Relationship No info
Country Greece
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Body type Average
Body size 6 feet 0 inches
Shoe size 10
Submissive yes
Switcher No info
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic No info
Maso maybe
Foot fetish yes
Shoe fetish maybe
Human toilet no
Cash and go no
Slave contracts maybe
Blackmail No info
Worn / used items yes
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) No info
Chastity enslavement maybe
About me
An educated intelligent over thinker who's here to explore his submissive side by seeking a dominant or dominant-curious lady for skype (*) fun. Experience isn't really needed as I appreciate an open and adventurous mind way more. I wouldn't mind someone local but chances are that online is way more probable. I'm not an easy case as I've been doing this for over 10 years, I really know myself and lately nihilism is consuming me. I'm not interested in being anyone's 'paypig' or 'open wallet' or things like that. I find these terms rather misleading and I won't condone to the continuation of them all. I do tribute though as I consider a tribute to be something that weeds out timewasters from serious guys. I'm just not a financial slave nor do I have a financial submission fetish (if that's even a thing - I seriously doubt). If your idea of domination/submission is having someone tribute you whenever you feel like it (and nothing else), well, let's not waste each other's time.. Oh, one last thing. I'm not rich. Far from that.

If you care to find out more, feel free to drop me a message. Talk to me on fetlife: hayao

(*) Yea. I'm not seeking a camgirl. I care for the face to face communication and exchange of ideas. Plus I find it easier to relate to someone (or even obsess over) through this rather than meaningless 'kik sessions' or massely-produced/sold 'tasks'.

find/talk to me on fetlife: joshstone_
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What I like:

Intelligence, engaging chats, books

What I don't like:

Non-private people. Loud talkers. People who speak before they think (although I'll admit the idea of submitting to such a lady - one that my regular self would not approve - exciting).

I'm interested in:

Turn-ons: Feet, orgasm control, teasing, verbal humiliation, fantasy scenarios, cuckoliding, feminization, teamviewer, etc. My latest obsession is a scenario I'd love to explore: You decide that it'd be better for you if you trained my inner foot slut for your benefit by channeling my fetish for your feet only. You use all your tools (teasing, orgasm control, etc.) to strengthen my fetish and associate pleasure with your feet to the point that eventually that'll be the only way that I can get hard. I'll be needing your feet to function and that's something that I'm sure you could find useful. Related content can be found @
Fantasy scenarios like that are my thing and I love someone who can play along with. I've even found that spending some time exploring scenarios like these actually strengthens our bond and makes me more docile towards you.

I'd like to experiment with thing that I haven't explored much:
feminization in all its forms, cuckolding, teamviewer and generally I'm open to new fun ideas..

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