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If you type in “pathetic” in Wikipedia your name should be suggested by this site. Look at you crawling right in front of your screen submitting yourself to me and spending every cent you have just to make me laugh at you. You are such a sad excuse for a man that you even make space for alphas and real men next to me. You also pay for my dates! How sick is that? But I tell you what: I’m okay with that. I’m okay having you little pervert drooling on your knees and watching me on your screen since it’s the only way to take part of my life. You are nothing but a human atm to me.

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, MoneyDom, Payslave, Pay, FinDom, FemDom, Humiliation, Slave, Pathetic,

Pantyhose, Nylons, Foot fetish,

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