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You are a broke loser, just because of me and your addiction to me! Nothing in life has a meaning for you anymore, nothing makes you feel happy, nothing turns you on anymore. Your life is pathetic and boring. Your wife / girlfriend left with the kids because you were a loser who couldn't satisfy her. You are not able to do something for yourself other than sitting in your shabby apartment, scrolling through all my different websites and buying one clip after another. You do everything to have this little kick, to feel useful, to give the urge of paying in. This feeling is the best feeling in the world for you, even if that means that you are broke from the beginning of each month. Today you will have this kick even when I ignore you! Indulge yourself with this clip and feel good for the next few minutes before you go back to your pathetic loneliness!

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, FinDom, MoneyDom, Foot Goddess, ignorance, Thights

Pantyhose, Foot fetish, Nylons,

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