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While I'm enjoy my life to the fullest and travel the world, you can be more than happy and grateful that you have paid for my luxury hotels. You paid with the money that once went to your account after you worked your ass off and by doing overtime. Every months when it's time for your salary check I take it away from you and book another vacation. Isn't it pathetic that you yearn for this day and that this is your destiny and your sad sexuality? Nothing else in the world gives you a comparable kick, nothing else gives you satisfaction. You search trough my clip stores, are their any new vacation clips? Admiring me on beaches and in big cities while your life takes place in offices and in your apartment satisfies you!

Mistress Isabella, Isabella Tasci, Pay, Milking, Ruined, Holiday Pay, Cuckolding, Vacation Slave, Cashcunt, Payslave,

Moneyslavery, Human atm, Findom,

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