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Do you know me? The strictest mistress around the world? I have a lot to do for my slaves. I must tell the staff what they should do every day. Which is so exhausting. Now he has to lick my boot high heels clean because I want to look perfect. He is too slow and cleans the boots not tidy again. So I will punish him with face slapping. In this clip I am very strict and arrogant. I press his tongue on my boots. I doing it very hard. So his tongue is burning. But I don`t care about. He got what he deserved. I love to humiliate and punish my slaves.

femdom, high heels, schuhe lecken, sauber lecken, dreck, dirt, dog, pet, leine, leash, ownership, eigentum, female domination, domination, humiliation, public, öffentlichkeit

Faceslapping, Boots, Femdom,

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