Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 37
Relationship Very special
Country United States
City Texas
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Body type Average
Body size 5 feet 7 inches
Shoe size 8
Dominant yes
Switcher maybe
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic no
Maso maybe
Foot fetish maybe
Shoe fetish yes
Human toilet no
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts yes
Blackmail maybe
Worn / used items maybe
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) maybe
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
I am very fortunate in that life has blessed me with beauty, brains, a kind heart and a wicked sense of humor. My interests and hobbies range from fashion and culinary arts to woodworking and horticulture. I love life and all it has to offer. I know who I am, what I want and how to get it. I am new to financial domination having only recently learned of it as a fetish. However, if you ask anyone who really knows me they’d most likely tell you I’ve been engaging in some form of financial domination majority of my life.
I am very open minded and love discovering and exploring new kinks. As I mentioned previously I am incredibly skilled at getting what I want. So far, I have always done my best to leave those in my path relatively unscathed. I avoid causing irreparable damage to one’s physical as well as mental health and well being. I do my best to leave personal and professional life’s mostly intact and have not yet caused any issues concerning the law, as far as know. I say this because I know humiliation can go hand in hand with financial domination. While my past experience has always been to avoid causing humiliation, I am not entirely opposed to it. I am certainly open to trying, especially if the situation and slave warrant it. Please, do not fool my inexperience and past propensity for merci as weakness. The biggest and most regrettable mistake a person can make concerning myself is to underestimate me.
As for what characteristics I look for in a sub/pet/slave...
Sincerity, honesty and the ability to make me laugh go very far with me. Also, you MUST have an honest desire, unwavering willingness and be 100% capable of fulfilling all your duties, financial and otherwise, to me. After all, that is why we are here. Is it not? Do not waste my time and I. . . well, I will do whatever I want with yours.
Time is the most precious gift life has to offer. It is the only thing you can never get back. Therefore you must ALWAYS respect my time. This includes times in which I allow you to engage with me and above all my personal time. (If you remember nothing else from reading this, you must remember that.)
If you possess these characteristics and can follow this simple rule then you have what it takes to serve as one of my pay pigs.
Once you become my personal human ATM your life will never be same. You will only feel whole when you have submitted and relinquished all control of yourself and your finances to me.
My happiness and financial security will always be at the forefront of your mind and take precedent over any and all thoughts and actions throughout your day.
For those whose loyalty and servitude know no bounds you may or may not be greatly rewarded. I look forward to your service.
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What I like:

It’s easier just to check my dislikes.

What I don't like:

I have just a few hard limits, intense pain inflicted upon me, bodily fluids one would normally be concerned with expelling into a toilet or trash receptacle, animals and underage children. I pass no judgment on anyone who finds those kinks well. . . . kinky they just aren’t my cup of tea.

I'm interested in:

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