Rating & awards
No slaves yet
Gender Female
Age 41
Relationship Not interesting to you
Country United States
City Alabama
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Body type Average
Body size 5 feet 2 inches
Shoe size 6.5
Dominant yes
Switcher no
Cuckolding yes
Sadistic yes
Maso no
Foot fetish yes
Shoe fetish yes
Human toilet no
Cash and go yes
Slave contracts yes
Blackmail no
Worn / used items yes
Devices (handcuffs, whips...) yes
Chastity enslavement yes
About me
Princess Amy | English | USA | Dominant Southern Princess |Gemini | 5’2 petite |
blue eyes | Brunette | purple & pink | chubby /BBW | size 61/2 feet | Natural 38C tits |
pale skin | open-minded |Down to Earth |bubbly girl | Dominant Bitchy |FinDomme |
nurturing domme | soft and caring | and sadistic } but cruel at times| strict |
drainer of wallets |

I can be Demanding, bratty, Self Centered, Bitchy, cruel and manipulative Financial Domme
I can also be sweet understanding, and caring my attitude depends on how you treat me.
or what attitude you catch me in at the time I am not easy to impress. I get bored very easily... I also have an AWFUL TEMPER so don't piss me It will take a lot to get back on my good side. I enjoy using and abusing boys for My amusement and personal gain. I will take advantage of your weaknesses and exploit them for My entertainment.

I am Princess Amy. to be addressed as Princess. {term Princess Amy is used only for my Slave, Pet, Worshipper, Beta, Cuck,


Slaves wanted multiple slave positions open
I have openings for sub's positions!!

promotion slave
Coffee/tea slave
Food slave
Shoe/foot slave
Beauty slave
Hair slave
Reimbursement slave
Amazon slave (US GC)
Cuck Slave -
Foot Slave
Subscription Box Bitch
Painsluts ~ Humiliation Junkies
CBT Slut
Princess Amy's Phone Bitch Slave Workers
Loser Cell Phone Bitch
Princess Amy Loser Bitch Toy
Financial Cuckold
Ignore Slave
Bill Paying Slave


What I offer
Findom games
Wallet drains
Phone Domination| phone chats {on sites I take calls from}
Buy used/worn Panties
Buy other Items Shoes-Socks-
Skype| PalTalk | discord
Reimbursement Opportunities
Adopt A Bill
Tribute/Drain Games
Fund My Shopping Spree's
PTV games
Taxing | Fines|
Virtual Girlfriend Experience { Bitchy Demanding Girlfriend |}
Spin Wheels
raise the rate
Ignore Sessions
Dick Ratings
Cash meets- Deposit required
Shopping Spree Meets - Deposit required
Texting) Sessions
Games, Tasks, Quizzes
Pay Per Stroke
PTV Slaves | Live PTV/ PTV Games
wheel game
rt game
Humiliation task
Yes, I charge for all of these services.

Read more about me
What I like:

sleeping, surfing the internet, listening to music,Spending Time with my MAN ,Being greedy,spending slave,s money,worship cam shows,collecting MY money from LOSER piggies like YOU, vacations paid by you , hanging out with friends,concerts ,horror movies,the beach,shopping, swimming,Gucci,YOUR money,New shoes, manicures, Tanning,pedicures, massages,Making Fun Of Losers, Making you eat hamburger helper and draining you until they know you on a first name basis at the pawn shop,Fucking over Losers,going to concerts, talking on the phone, sealing my panties,pantyhose,socks,heels,etc ,selling used items ,Getting my panties wet and smelly for you to sniff and lick,playing video games, collecting shoes,collecting credit cards ,raping your wallet ,controlling boys and emptying their bank accounts ,Watching you Humiliate yourself to Amuse Me ,Watching You Amuse me On Cam ,Making you do sick stuff, text messaging, cooking, watching TV & movies, bowling,Online shopping!!!...I'm addicted to Amazon!, traveling,doing all of these activities from your bank accounts..everything. That will be your responsibility

What I don't like:

Whining Time wasters Men without the means to properly serve Liars Fake subs Having to repeat myself Crybabies

I'm interested in:

My fetish interests include, but are not limited to sissy sluts, extreme financial domination,Being Pampered,drive by cash dropper, humiliation, forced bi, webcams, cum restrictions, cbt, chastity, boot, shoe, stocking worship, pain sluts, ball kicking, turning weak men into my atm machines,Email Worship,Phone Worship,Princess Panty Worship, worship My feet,cleavage Worship, Virtual Girlfriend Services, Lonely losers with no gf or wife,friends,An Obedient Slave,Laughing At You, Making you do sick stuff,Watching You Amuse me On Cam,using your money and credit card!,Online,Domination, Financial Domination,Chastity and Keyholding,,humiliation Crossdressers,Sugar Daddys's,Consensual Blackmail,Pimping you out,phone domination,Financial Slavery,longterm Slaves,Wanna-be cocksuckers,Food Chosen/Clothing Chosen, Bathroom control,Slaves paying Taxing /Fines,Cum Taxing,brainwashing, mindfucking,Verbal Abuse,Degradation, Spitting,Public Worship,Cuckolds,Cum Eating Instructions,Nipple Torture,Watching subs perform on cam, making you stand in the corner while I watch your sorry ass on cam, Forced Smoking Fetish,MONEY SLAVE,orgasm control,orgasm denial,Foot Worship,small dick Humiliation,Forced Intoxication,Intoxication,Ball Kicking ,Clothes Pins,CBT,financial control,Discipline / Punishment, Consensual Blackmail,-Public Humiliation,using slaves for my amusement ,cash cows/pigs, piggy banks, human atms, CASH,Princess Worship, foot worshipers,Slaves PAYING MY BILLS, Big Spenders, Sugar Daddys, GIFTS from MY wishlist,Shopping Slaves,CASH, Slaves calling my ignore line ,Wallet control,Adopted Bill Slaves, Shopping Slaves,Bath And Body Works Victoria Secret Pay Piggy,Gift Card Pay Piggy,high heels, platforms, boots,Gift Certificates,Receiving Gifts,tips after every call, Devoted Slaves,Respect & Worship,Being pampered & spoiled,Raise the rate and Ignore calls, waking up and finding more cash in my account,Web Slaves, Graphic Slaves,slaves who contribute to My fabulous lifestyle! Ruining You & taking total control!,

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